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  • Dr. Nicklaus Barnes

    Dr. Nicklaus Barnes was born in Pennsylvania and has practiced in both Pennsylvania and Upstate New York before coming to Charleston. He graduated from New York Chiropractic College in November of 2011 and has been perfecting his chiropractic talents ever since. He decided to go into the chiropractic field after a minor football injury to his neck. This injury planted the seed for him to see the greatness of chiropractic care and how important it is. From that point on he has been focused on improving people’s quality of life. That same focus still holds true today and is shown in his practice. He uses various techniques and therapies to make each patient a unique plan to restore their quality of life.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

    Dr. Barnes is awesome. I’ve seen a difference in my posture and my pain has gone down tremendously since seeing him. Would definitely recommend!

    K. Stovall

    Saw Dr Barnes for the 1st time today! He was awesome. Fixed my neck and shoulders today and gave me stretches to do to help prevent my injuries from coming back!

    T. Conner

    I went to Dr. Barnes for help with neck and upper back pain, after one visit I immediately felt better and by the next day my pain was gone. He was very helpful with showing me stretches and exercises to help prevent the pain from coming back again. I would definitely recommend stopping in and seeing what he can do!

    M. White

    This is definitely the place to go for chiropractor care. Dr. Barnes even helps my daughter feel better after she has had a seizure. Three of us go every 5 weeks and we all feel better for it. Make sure to look for them on Facebook and/or Twitter. There are short videos with exercises. Loving the one for shoulder blades!

    C. Ryan

    I have been to Dr. Barnes numerous times now and continue to come back to this office. He and Nicole are so professional and so very kind. I had one of my best adjustments with him; and he’s helped to not only get my hip and lower back pain away, but also has helped me with adjusting my wrist as well! I always recommend him to my friends.

    S. Crist

    So my mother, brother, and I made an appt. with Dr. Barnes and we each had an amazing experience. This is only my second time and I already feel and see a huge difference in my back and posture. I walked in with arm pain and walked out 100% better! Go see Dr. Barnes!!!

    A. Hunter

    Tell us why you started your chiropractic journey: I was experiencing some back issues for about a year. A Friend of mine recommended coming to see Dr. Barnes, especially since back pain is so common in my family.

    What has changed since you started care? The pain has mostly disappeared completely. I feel more relaxed overall.

    How would you encourage someone new to chiropractic to take this journey for themselves? Give it a shot and ask Dr. Barnes as many questions as you’d like until you feel comfortable.

    B. Silvers

    Tell us why you started your chiropractic journey: I was experiencing some neck pain. It was uncomfortable doing certain movements during my exercises. Was looking for relief.

    What has changed since you started care? The pain is better. I maintain by coming back every few weeks.

    What do you love most about Charleston Chiropractic Associates? The Staff!

    How would you encourage someone new to chiropractic to take this journey for themselves? Just try it! Go see Dr. Barnes and speak with him about any problems you are having. He will work with you to get you feeling be.

    S. Insabella

    Thanks Dr. Barnes. I have seeing the Doc since he took over the practice. I recently went with some intense pain when I took a deep breath. The pain limited the mobility in my right arm too. After 2 visits, the pain was gone! Awesome job doc!

    G. Meyer

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