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At Charleston Chiropractic Associates in Charleston, SC, we provide high-quality chiropractic services to patients in Charleston and the surrounding area. Our all natural approach to pain relief and wellness includes the use of electrical stimulation to improve tissue healing, increase blood flow to the area, and reduce inflammation.

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Understanding Electrical Stimulation

Electrical stimulation does not hurt. It is the use of a small electrical current to stimulate the tissue underneath the skin, promoting healing without the use of prescription medication. The current is turned up or down, depending on your comfort level. You aren't going to feel shocked, and treatment is very mild at first. The current stimulates your muscles and underlying tissue, which feels much like a massage.

How Electrical Stimulation Is Used

Your chiropractor will use sticky electrode pads and place them on your skin in the area to be treated. The pads are attached to wires, which are plugged into the electrical stimulation machine. Some people have smaller units at home that work much in the same way, but are battery powered. Your chiropractor may use the electrical stimulation in one area, and then move it to a second area for treatment.

The Benefits of Electrical Stimulation

There are many benefits associated with using electrical stimulation in chiropractic care for pain relief. When electrical stimulation is used, blood flow is immediately improved to the area. With the increase in blood flow, damaged tissue begins to heal. Just like when you get a massage, the tissue is stimulated and scar tissue is broken up. Once blood flow is restored to the area, inflammation will begin to decrease and your range of motion is going to improve.

Chiropractic Treatment Modalities

Chiropractic care focuses on natural remedies to reduce pain and stimulate blood flow. While massage, ultrasound, and adjustments are used, electrical stimulation is another way to improve soft tissue healing times. With a combination of treatments that don't rely on prescription pain medication, it is possible to see a chiropractor for pain relief while also seeing other treatment providers for the same condition. Chiropractic care does not interfere with traditional pain relief strategies, and often improves your overall wellness.

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