What to Expect During a Spinal Decompression Treatment

Did you know that the FDA approved the spinal decompression treatment only ten years ago?


You might have struggled with steady back, neck, or sciatic nerve pain caused by degenerative or herniated spinal discs in your spinal column. There is another option for lasting relief other than drugs or a surgical procedure, which is spinal decompression.


Spinal decompression is an innovative treatment that includes the careful mechanical extending of your spine. It is a delicate, non-surgical approach to reducing the pressure between your discs immediately. It also invigorates blood flow through your spinal column and prompts self-healing.


Spinal decompression therapy works when other treatments like chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, and others have failed to offer complete relief.


Before You Arrive

As a rule, your doctor will suggest that you increase the amount of water you drink before the treatment. Appropriate hydration helps make the treatment more effective. Hydration guarantees that your body will not develop cramps or other issues while stretching. You might receive supplements from your doctor well before the treatment. The supplements will ensure that your body is well prepared to take full advantage of the stretching.


During the Session

The doctor will strap you down to a machine during your treatment. There are several designs of decompression machines. Your doctor will let you know how to lie down, whether facing up or down. When securely strapped onto the machine, it will start to apply delicate and slow traction. It will cause your spine to stretch.


The device will work with a progression of gradual stretches while heading to a full spinal stretch. It will depend on the range of mobility you are currently capable of. A spinal decompression session lasts as long as 45 minutes, employing relaxing and stretching in short intervals.


After the Session

When you have finished your session, your doctor will advise you again to drink a lot of water. It will give the muscles on your back time to heal themselves. Furthermore, they will probably prescribe you a couple of exercises to practice while at home.


This will motivate constant advancement and prevent relapse during your daily routine. Sometimes, your doctor might suggest a heating pad or cold packs. They will assist with relaxing your muscles and avoiding inflammation after treatment.


Benefits of Spinal Decompression Therapy

  • Reduces Pain and Tension

Spinal decompression relieves pain and tension caused by compression of the spine. With a few sessions, your chronic back pain can disappear, and you can return to your life. 


  • Non-surgical Treatment

One of the significant advantages of this therapy is that it is noninvasive. It means that patients do not have to wait long to recover compared to surgery. While surgery might be the only option for some patients, doctors usually recommend this therapy first. With this therapy, patients can go back to their daily activities immediately.


  • Long-lasting Results

While you might need several sessions for the relief to set in, the results of this therapy are long-term. It helps improve the quality of life that you are living.


  • Versatile Treatment

It is a treatment that addresses the multiple causes of back pain simultaneously. Most of these cases respond well to the therapy and can be fully corrected.


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