Chiropractic Care for Foot Pain and Orthotics

Your foot has 26 bones. These are held together with 19 muscles, 33 joints, and as many as 107 ligaments. This intricate body part is rich with nerves that send information to your brain. It tells you where your foot is positioned in space and carries messages of touch. Like many other parts of your body, though, your feet’s joints and bones can also experience wear and tear. Sadly, many people experience foot pain when they engage in certain activities. Others live with constant discomfort. Are you looking for ways to relieve foot pain? Here’s how chiropractic care and orthotics can help treat the dysfunction.


Shoe Inserts vs. Orthotics


Many people think that shoe inserts and orthotics are the same. But there are several distinctions between the two. You can buy inserts in many shoe stores and pharmacies. These offer extra support for your toes, heels, arches, or the entire foot. But if they’re not designed for your foot, they will not likely help fix the problem.


Orthotics are prescription medical devices that help restore natural foot movement. They’re made to meet your needs and help with your foot’s position as you stand, walk, jog, jump, or run. Doctors may also prescribe orthotics to help patients with certain medical conditions. These include arthritis, bursitis, plantar fasciitis, or diabetes.


Why Visit a Chiropractor for Orthotics?


Most patients generally consult a foot care specialist like a chiropodist or podiatrist to fit orthotics. But chiropractors offer a holistic approach to biomechanical problems in your body. They’re trained to determine whether you need orthotics. Many are also experienced in fitting customized ones for your personal needs. Highly skilled chiropractors can show you how orthotics can complement your ongoing treatment for ankle, knee, hip, or back problems.


Besides, chiropractors will use specific exercises and manipulation techniques on your affected foot. This is crucial in clearing any area of restricted movement. It’s also essential in strengthening your supportive musculature. This will help resolve the problem and improve the functioning of your foot.


Reasons Why You Might Need Orthotics


Not all patients with foot pain need orthotics. But if the muscles and other structures in your foot aren’t strong enough to provide adequate reinforcement when you’re weight-bearing, then you will need support for your foot.


Ready-made orthotics generally fit the average foot. They might be enough for some patients. But fitting custom-made orthotics can offer the best results. This is because they’re molded to your feet. The most suitable orthotic designs are tailored to fit around your foot and how it moves.


The need to use orthotics generally depends on your foot posture and how it moves. People who have occupations that need them to stand or walk throughout the day may find the use of orthotics beneficial. Those who suffer from imbalances due to flat feet or asymmetrical feet might also need these medical devices. Orthotics can also help overweight individuals by providing resistance to the extra stress put on their feet. If you suffer from foot pain during exercise or any sports activity, then orthotics can help reduce the discomfort associated with your condition.


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