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If you have sustained an auto accident injury, or know someone who has, then you understand how painful and life-altering they can be. You also understand the need for quick and quality treatment. The trusted staff at Charleston Chiropractic Associates in Charleston, SC, also understand that need. Here are some injuries sustained in car crashes that we are trained to treat.

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Back Pain

Being thrown around inside of a vehicle during a crash can cause damage to your back muscles and connective tissues. The result is pain, swelling, and a loss of mobility. Your spine can also be knocked out of alignment. Pain medications may help you deal with the pain, but pills alone will not fix the issues causing your pain. A trained and experienced chiropractor can help you.

Dislocated vertebrae and herniated disc: After a car accident, your chiropractor will evaluate the alignment of your spine. A misaligned vertebra or herniated disk can push up against the nerves in your spine. This will cause pain, inflammation, and diminished circulation, leading to muscle weakness and stiffness.

Your chiropractor will manually work the dislocated vertebra back into place, or in the case of a herniated disc, nudge it back into place. This will allow your spine to work correctly, and take pressure off of your nerves. A properly aligned spine will also help your muscles work correctly. Specific exercises taught by a chiropractor to strengthen the muscles and connective tissues holding your vertebrae in place provide additional support as well.

Muscle strain and inflammation: Muscle strains and inflammation inhibit movement, and may keep you out of work or from being able to accomplish tasks around your home.

Your chiropractor can use massage therapy, ultrasound, and electrical stimulation to relieve muscle tension. These treatments also help to reduce inflammation and increase blood circulation to the affected muscles, aiding the body's healing process. Therapeutic exercises will then be used to support the natural alignment of your spine, strengthen muscles, and continue to increase your mobility.


Whiplash is a neck injury caused by forceful back and forth movement. This forceful movement overextends the muscles and ligaments in the neck. With some incidents, it takes a few days for a victim to feel the effects of whiplash.

Whiplash symptoms:

  • Intense and worsening neck pain

  • Neck stiffness with worsening range of movement

  • Headaches that normally start at bottom of skull

  • Pain in shoulders, upper arms, and upper back

Your chiropractor will make sure that the vertebrae in your neck are in proper alignment. If not, they will work them into position. It is important that your head is sitting correctly on your spinal column.

With the muscle treatments mentioned above, your chiropractor will reduce the swelling and relieve the tension in your neck muscles. Gentle stretches will also help your neck muscles to relax and help you to regain motion.

​​​​​​​Quality Chiropractic Treatment Speeds Up Auto Accident Injury Recovery

With quality and specific treatments provided by a trained chiropractor, your recovery is quickened. Also, it helps to make sure that the damage caused by a car accident is corrected. The quality and professional care you will experience at Charleston Chiropractic Associates in Charleston SC will greatly enhance your recovery. Call us today at (843) 225-4357 and set up an appointment. Our care will help you get back to your life.

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