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Dr Patrick Leonard

             Patrick W. Leonard was born in Charleston, SC. He attended First Baptist Church School of Charleston from kindergarten through twelfth grade where he was active in soccer and played the drums in numerous bands in the Charleston area for which he received numerous awards. He grew up in the James Island area until he was 11 years old, when his family moved to Mt. Pleasant, where he currently lives today. After high school, despite a full scholarship for music and academic performance to the Baptist College, Pat went to work at the Sheraton Charleston, where he started out as a banquet server while also working part time on the shrimp boats belonging to the Magwood family of Shem Creek. He was constantly promoted at the Sheraton until a car accident, which seriously injured his back, convinced him to go back to school and pursue a career in the health profession.

            Patrick was accepted into the College of Charleston where he majored in Biology and also completed all of the requirements for Pre-Med. He had been suffering from chronic back pain and episodes of pinched nerves that would literally bring him to the ground. Despite all of the muscle relaxers, painkillers, visits to neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons, and many months of physical therapy treatments, he continued to suffer daily pain and frequent episodes of his back "going out" on him. He was then told by his family physician, after his third series of visits to the physical therapist, that he was just going to have to accept the fact that he had a bad back. Two months from graduating from the College of Charleston, he was involved in another serious car accident where he temporarily lost movement of his lower limbs, which came back in minutes after the accident, but also suffered complete numbness from the waist down which did not subside. After being seen in the emergency room, given shots of painkillers and muscle relaxers and being referred to another orthopedic surgeon, he decided to try chiropractic. Within one month of treatment for Vertebral Subluxations, all of the feeling came back to him. The chronic lower back pain and episodes of this back "going out" on him for nine years ceased and to this day have not returned.

             Pat, who was scheduled to take the MCAT two months from graduation, decided to apply to chiropractic school at Life University in Atlanta. He was accepted and spent 4 years there with one goal in mind, to make people realize that most of them do not have to live in pain, or "accept the fact that they have a BAD BACK." To be realistic, there are few bad backs out there, but there are many back problems that can be treated gently and safely through Chiropractic care.

             Dr. Leonard has been practicing in Charleston, SC since 1998. He then opened Charleston Chiropractic Associates in November 2009 at 903 B St. Andrews Boulevard.  We are a full service clinic offering chiropractic treatment, massage therapy, spinal rehabilitation, and various therapeutic modalities to decrease pain, spasms, and inflammation.